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Welcome to the SlugTerra Info Wiki , a collaborative encyclopedia for everything and anything related to the Disney XD show SlugTerra. We are still growing since this wiki was founded. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for the SlugTerra franchise.


Did you know ?

...that Molenoids have 2 brains?

...that cave trolls are the best engineers?

...that Molenoids hear using their noses?

...that the Grenuker slugs head resembles a grenade and that is where it got its name?

...that the Hoverbug slug is the only slug that can fly in protoform?

...that Billy appears in The World Beneath Our Feet part 1?

...that Doctor Blakk uses dark water to ghoul slugs?

...that in Slugterra they dont have halloween or high fives?

...that Healer slugs are one of the rarest kinds of slugs ?

...that Eli's Defender Slipstream XVL (orange blaster) is one of two of that model. His dad has the other.

...that the Infurnus,Flopper,Fandago,Dustpuff, and Enigmo slugs are some of the only slugs that currently have not been ghouled.

...that the rare Enigmo slug from "Endangered Species" made its first real appearance in episode 3 season 1 "The Trade"? in the scene where Eli is hiding behind one of crate's looking for his Tazerling slug Joules the cage next to where the crate Eli is hiding behind show the Enigmo slug. the slug's seen next to the Enigmo in the cage are one lariat slug and polaro slug can also be seen in the cage with the Enigmo.

...that Will Shane killed two people :Tom Pore and Twist's father

...that Burpy was once Blakk's slug!!!!?

...that all ice ogres can grow in size when anything angers them and that the only slug that stop and calm ice orgers is the Slyren slug?

...that the only people to ever do a fusion shot is Eli shane and Shinai?

...that ghouled boon docs are called boon deaths?

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