The Shadow Clan are a group of creatures who live in Slugterra. They defend their teritory by throwing Hop rocks 's. Also they can dissapear in shadows and they scared of light. They can talk to slugs and have holes so that they can hold slugs. They have excellent vision. No one knows where the shadow clan came from. All they know is that the Shadow Clan were the first creatures in Slugterra. The shadow clan have been shown to have two devices: (a) A device that teleports people in much the same way as the Shadow Clan teleports, & (b) A crown-like device known as the Shadow Talker, which allows other creatures to converse with the Shadow Clan. When Eli uses the Shadow Talker to talk to the leader of the Shadow Clan, he is told that he is the only human to be able to tolerate the effects
of the Shadow Talker, and that not even his father could use it. When asked what the Shadow Clan wants, their leader cryptically replied "We want the same thing that all Shanes want," but doesn't specify what that is.

Supposedly, the Shadow Clan had high respect for the Shanes. But after Will Shanes's "disappearance" they lost all respect for the Shanes and began terrorizing anyone who entered there territory.

The Shadow Clan is led by a shadow clan member who appears to have a crown on his head. But the crown appears to be part of his head.