180px-Flaringo fly

Flaringo at 100 mph


Stuntz at 100 mph

 are magical creatures that transform into more powerful versions of their species when they hit 100 miles per hour. Sluglings are young, newborn slugs. There are various different types of slugs in Slugterra. To obtain a Slug, one can buy, trade,rase from sluglings , or capture a Slug.  In some competions you take a slug from your opponent if you win. The best way to train your slug is to be best friends with it. It is constantly said,"A happy slug is a healthy slug and healthy slugs win duels." There are many things slugs can do. Slug abilities range from many different elements, like fire or water. Some slugs can heal others, like the Boon Doc for instance. There is only one slug that does not transform, and that is a Flooper, the weakest kind of slugs. Slugs give off a special kind of energy ca

lled Slug energy. This energy allows for life to exist in Slugterra. It allows plants to grow, and the light crystals to grow. Slugs, through dark science, can be corrupted and are turned into monstrous beasts. They are only distributed by Dr.Blakk. Artificial slugs can also be built, able to hold a database of all slugs' (excluding the rare Enimgo slug) powers and counter them. In "Deep Water, Dark Water", it's revealed that most slugs can survive and breath underwater without the need to surface.Slugs get to places by using underground air shafts that no one knows about exept slugs.

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